The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower is a webtoon series authorized and illustrated by Bangguseok Gimssi. First serialized at the end of 2020 on Naver, it was then picked up and hosted on LINE Webtoons at the end of April 2021. It updates every Wednesday on Naver and every Thursday on LINE.

The Tutorial Tower of the Advanced Player

After being trapped for 12 years in a tower full of regenerating monsters, Hyeonu Kim is more powerful than just about any human or monster on Earth. Now that he’s free, he’s determined to find out who was behind his imprisonment, even if that means he has to kill hordes of monsters — and inadvertently save the world — along the way.

The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower Manga

The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower follows the journey of the main character (MC) who, after spending 12 years trapped in the game’s tutorial tower and mastering its mechanics, emerges into a world transformed by advanced technology and a larger, more intricate community. Despite these changes, he quickly adapts, leveraging his skills to become a legendary figure in the game.

He realizes that the game mirrors real life, imparting valuable leadership, teamwork, and perseverance lessons. The relationships and skills he developed in the game translate into real-world success, helping him navigate complex situations and build meaningful connections. Initially a prison, the game ultimately becomes his salvation, showing that it is a transformative experience equipping players to excel in both virtual and real worlds.